Putin Says No Need to Increase Oil Supply on Market

Russia doesn’t strive to be the biggest oil producer, President Vladimir Putin says at VTB’s Russia Calling! forum in Moscow. Russia will continue to work with OPEC+ to balance the market U.S. output has reached its ceiling, Putin says NOTE: Saudi...
Wednesday, 20 November , Bloomberg

America’s ‘anti-Russian stance’ might return during 2020 election race, bank chief cautions

Key Points Andrey Kostin, president and chairman of Russia’s second largest lender, VTB Bank, told CNBC Wednesday that Russia would like to see a clearer policy regarding Russia from the U.S. Relations between Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, have apparently been cord...
Wednesday, 20 November ,

Russia Accelerated Easing Due to Underspending: Central Bank

Central bank received information from Finance Ministry that the 2019 budget wouldn’t be fulfilled and that led it to accelerate monetary easing, First Deputy Bank of Russia Governor Dmitry Tulin says at VTB Capital forum in Moscow. “Partly because of that, we changed our course of act...
Wednesday, 20 November