• Edna Schöne Member of the Management Board, Head of the German ECA, Euler Hermes Aktiengesellschaft
    «It's been a pleasure to participate in the   VTB big event in Russia. It's first time I've been here and I am really enjoying it.  Of course the first day of this big event was very interesting to us because I got a good perspective on how the Russian Ministries and also of course your President Putin look at the development in Russia.  So it was very helpful for us as a Germany ECA to be able to better assess how the development is going»
  • Chan Chauto President, CEFC China
    «VTB Capital Investment Forum "Russia Calling!" is an excellent platform which gives a chance to get a real understanding about economy functioning right from the Russian Government representatives. We do consider Russia for the potential investments. I am sure not only our company but other investors are keen to invest in Russia»
  • Jin Liquin, President of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
    «This is the first time I took part in the Investment Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!" and I liked this wonderful event! The high level of speakers and the extensive preparation of the Forum have really showcased VTB Capital’s credibility to the international community. The speech of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was very inspiring and encouraging to investors and the discussion with the expert audience was very interesting and useful»
  • Carlos M. Gutierrez, Chair of Albright Stonebridge Group
    «I think Russia is calling the world to take a look at Russia and to realize the opportunities that Russia can give you. I can tell you in the case of the Citigroup which is where I work, Russia is one of the top five priority countries in the world»
  • Dominique Cerutti, Chairman and CEO of the Altran group
    «Certainly, VTB Capital’s Forum is an important and a significant event. We were impressed that Vladimir Putin has personally participated in the discussion. He has emphasized the significance of event with his attendance»
  • Markus Leininger, Principal in SIMRES Real Estate
    «VTB Capital’s Forum is an excellent possibility for the development of relations between Russia and the European business community. Direct dialogue that takes place during the Forum is a tremendous step towards the mutual understanding between investors and the representatives of different sectors of the Russian market. High level speakers who are the leaders of Russian and International business, and also the actuality of the topics are highly interesting for any European businessman»
  • George Sebulela, Group Chairman and President, Sebvest Group
    «The Forum is very impressive, especially to see how many guests there are here from over the world.
    VTB Capital has grown tremendously recently, and I think there is no better investment company to deal with»
  • Ravi Ruia, Vice-Chairman, Essar Group
    «Our cooperation with VTB Capital started two years ago but during this period it has been one of our most satisfying experiences. We find people at VTB Capital very professional, diligent, responsive and constructive. It has been a pleasure working with them as they have supported us a lot in all our efforts. We would like to be an ambassador of Russian companies in India and we will do everything we can to support VTB Capital in its business.»
  • Mark Christensen, Co-Portfolio Manager at DoubleLine Capital LP, USA
    «The unique of the Forum was in having the President come and step in and being able to see first hand and hear from him first hand, you would not have this opportunity anywhere in the world so I thought it was a great opportunity today!…I was pleasantly surprised to see the President of Russian Federation on the agenda and I think you could not have got a better speaker for the conference and even the other four attendees. It was good to here from them in a difference aspects and color that they have on their investments with Russia»
  • Tomas Smith, Mеtlife, USA
    «The Forum is absolutely unique and brings together issues, Russian corporate issues with investors, policy makers, it’s absolutely the paramount event focus on Russia during the year.... Obviously the most interesting thing was the interview with Putin. It’s very interesting to hear a global leader like Vladimir Putin speaking to investors directly, answering questions about politics, about economics, covering the whole scope of what’s important to investors right now»