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Interview by Olga Podoinitsyna, Member of the Board at VTB Capital, for Communicate Magazine

6 November 2014
At the sixth Russia Calling! Investment Forum, Emily Andrews speaks to a member of the board at VTB Capital to understand how the reputation of an entire country is managed.

On Russia as a brand “The country brand is our brand. The brand and reputation of any Russian company has a direct bearing on the development of the reputation of the country. Our brand is essential because it is, on the one hand, a part of what we promise, and on the other hand, a real part of the company DNA; influencing business, client relationships and holding us together in challenging times. During such times, brand and reputation are real assets for any business and company.” 
On living in a global investment community “Today we are living in a global community where interdependence and competition are the new norm. In today’s world, all businesses and countries are interrelated, because global companies have one single platform working according to international rules, standards and requirements.” 
On the international economy “There will definitely be constructive development and an efficient way to solve the current situation in line with market demand, regulatory requirements and according to client interests. We believe the solution lies in trading and the global economy. The economy is critical precisely because of its ability to transcend borders or any political dispute between nations. It demonstrates why positive relationships are important, and why it is crucial to keep developing the global market according to mutual interests.” 
On media relations “The interest of the press is still high for the forum and we are happy that the Russian and international media are coming to us for open information for both the business audience and the wider public. This year, we understand that an interest in mutual understanding and positive development is still quite high.” 
On transparency “It is our belief that we should keep communications open to encourage the development of the Russian financial market. It’s important to engage in a frank dialogue, to explain who we are, what opportunities exist, and why our products and services are relevant for international business and international markets. It’s important to keep this dialogue on every level, but in business in particular. The Russian economy is an important part of the global market.” 
On relations with the UK “Every year we support the celebration of the Allied Victory in the Second World War in London. It is a big event on HMS Belfast, and for us it is really important because it is a big part of our shared history. Both British and Russian veterans take part in the celebration in memory of their mutual success. The values are common for both parties, for the veterans and for both countries. Occasions such as these demonstrate our commitment to transparency and dialogue and, we believe, will contribute to our long-term success.” 
On the new Russia “Culture is another important aspect of our communications strategy. We support contemporary art projects such as the Calvert22 Foundation and Eifman Ballet because for us it represents the new Russia: a truly cross-cultural nation with great history. We want to show the world contemporary art from different regions of Russia. We hope this shows to the UK and the international community that Russia is a modern country with a lot to offer the world.”

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