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8 September 2021
Alexander Chernov

VTB Capital's analytical team has been recognized as the best in Russia by Institutional Investor. The team took the first place in Russia according to the results of the survey of Institutional Investor Emerging EMEA Research Team 2021 among institutional investors and analysts.

The VTB Capital team became the first in the EMEA region in the categories "Russian Market Analytics", "Metallurgical and Mining sector of Russia" and "Small and medium-capitalization shares of Russia". In the sectors "Oil and Gas of Russia" and "Telecommunications and Media of Russia", the analysts of the investment bank took the second place.

According to the Institutional Investor survey, the investment bank's experts took seven positions in individual rankings. Dmitry Glushakov took the first places among analysts of the Russian market ("Metallurgical and mining sector of Russia"), Dmitry Lukashov ("Oil and Gas of Russia" ) and Elena Sakhnova ("Small and medium capitalization shares of Russia"), second places-Vladimir Sklyar ("EMEA Energy") and Ivan Kim ("Telecommunications and Media of Russia"), the third places – Mikhail Shlemov ("Banks and the financial sector of Russia" ) and Vladimir Sklyar ("Shares of small and medium capitalization of Russia").

"From year to year, we confirm our leadership in Russia among investment banks. VTB Capital's analytical team consists of 35 experts who cover about 115 companies and produce more than three thousand reviews a year. A deep understanding of global trends, thorough knowledge of individual sectors of the economy and the analyzed companies, consistently high quality of the information provided are our main competitive advantages in the markets of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, " said Dmitry Dmitriev, head of the analytical department of VTB Capital.

About a thousand people from 538 companies took part in the secret voting of the Institutional Investor Emerging EMEA Research Team 2021. The survey participants first evaluated the teams of experts in each industry, and then-individual analysts. The votes were counted by weighing each vote based on the assets managed by the responding firm in a particular sector.
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