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15 December 2014
Since VTB Capital was founded in 2008, it has consistently remained in top positions in the market. The company’s strategic communications and marketing played a key role in the success of VTB Capital and the strengthening of its business reputation while greatly contributing to risk management and achieving business goals. 

Our function 

The VTB Capital Global Communications and Marketing Strategy was formed in 2008, when the same year the company was formed. Put simply, our strategy is responsible for telling stakeholders about the VTB Capital story. More broadly, our key strategic objectives include supporting and promoting the Company’s business by managing the VTB Capital’s brand and reputation in order to further enhance VTB Capital’s reputation both in Russia and across international markets. 

VTB Capital’s Global Communications and Marketing team is working with a number of communications and marketing projects in Russia, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. Our team has effectively demonstrated to the media, investors and stakeholders that we speak the same language as the international community and we work to the same international standards of best practice in each region of our business. 

Since VTB Capital was created in 2008, the Communications and Marketing Team has made a major contribution to the development of the company's brand and reputation in the international investment banking industry. The Team has ensured high visibility for VTB Capital across the international and Russian media, with over 40,000 news articles published about the company each year. 

We believe that to be the partner of choice, it is essential to be trustworthy and credible. It is a privilege for me and my team to be able to tell that story every day. 

Our strategy 

Everything we do is aligned to the overall strategy of VTB Group. The Global Communications and Marketing Strategy was created in 2008, the same year the company was formed. Over time, the strategy has been adapted to reflect the changes inside the business and the external pressures and market fluctuations. We have also altered our strategy to support the Group’s growth and expansion into foreign markets with new approaches and tactics. 

The development of our strategy takes into consideration a number of factors, including the external environment (macro trends); the state of the markets; different products; and vectors of activity. This is driven by robust data analysis. 

As a company working within the global financial system, one of the principal challenges of implementing a strategic communications framework is how we identify and manage reputational risk. For us, it’s important that our staff not just comply with company policies, but determinedly follow international regulation and best practice. Our recent awards are, I believe, testament to this strategy. In 2014, the Corporate and Financial Awards recognised our communications team as the best in the industry. We have also received a number of international high-profile awards for the success of our “RUSSIA CALLING!” Investment Forum. 

Our key tasks 

Global Communications & Marketing (GCM) is responsible for the global marketing and communications strategy as well as reputation management for investment business of VTB Group, including regional development across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. This comprises investment business external and internal relations, CIB coverage in frames of VTB Group strategy. GCM covers the following main activities:
  • Communications and Marketing Strategy
  • Media Relations
  • Brand Management
  • Advertising & Marketing Materials
  • Ratings and Awards
  • Events
  • Sponsorship and Membership
  • Internal Communications
  • E-communications

A significant proportion of our work comes under the Marketing Unit, including brand management; preparing marketing materials; events; internet and intranet projects; and CSR. We also actively cooperate with professional institutions to ensure that accurate data about the Company is collated on time so that business units of the Company are accurately represented in the ratings and the rankings. The provision of full, quality material helps to maintain our brand’s leading reputation. This has led to being recognised in high-profile international media this year, including being named “Best Investment Bank in Russia” by EMEA Finance, International Finance Magazine (IFM) and Euromoney. 

Communications is a form of soft power and it has the ability to attract and influence the target audience. We use our soft power tools, to strengthen brand positioning in the international business community. The intent of communications is promoting VTB Capital business and the investment opportunities that Russia has to offer. 

Our Team is actively involved in stimulating investment opportunities in Russia to the international investment community. In particular, since 2009 the Communications and Marketing Team has spearheaded "RUSSIA CALLING!", a major investment forum which takes place in Moscow, London and New York, and which provides a unique platform for dialogue between Russian businesses and international investors. The forum is attended by international financiers from over 60 countries. 

The "RUSSIA CALLING!" event has also received international recognition and in 2013 the Bank’s Marketing and Communications Team was awarded ‘Best Event Management’ by the annual IPRA Golden World Awards. The Forum has also been awarded ‘Best Ongoing Communication with Overseas Investors and / or Media’ and ‘Best Analyst / Investor / Press Meeting’ by the annual Corporate & Financial Awards. 

Beyond our day-to-day work, we have built an excellent reputation for global financial conferences, including our work with investors around the Davos Global Economic Forum and VTB Group’s participation in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. 

VTB Capital has been organising annual meetings with key international investors at the World Economic Forum in Davos since 2012. They are attended by representatives of the Russian government and senior figures from international corporations and investment funds with significant influence over global economic trends and investments. 

As our top executives are regularly invited to share their expertise on issues such as international banking in emerging and frontier markets. 

RUSSIA CALLING! Investment Forum 

One of our key strategic events is the VTB Capital “RUSSIA CALLING!” Investment Forum. Since 2009, the Forum has been successfully contributing to the development of effective interaction between Russian businesses and international investors. 

“RUSSIA CALLING!” is a unique international platform that provides insight into Russia’s investment and economic environment. The main purpose of these Forums is to show our international partners the full range of investment opportunities that exist today in Russia. Since its inception, the Forum has commanded the attention of high-calibre audiences in Russia, the CIS and further afield. Last year the forum received two awards in the Corporate & Financial Awards – one of the most prominent international media industry awards – as well as winning 'best event organiser’ at the IPRA Golden World Awards, for the successful implementation of 'RUSSIA CALLING!’ Investment Forums. 

On 1-2 October this year, the Forum was attended by more participants than ever before, with approximately 1500 guests from across the globe and more than 400 international and Russian investors. They were joined by representatives from government, key regional authorities and heads of major companies. It was noticeable that more international delegates came from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe than in previous years; and the number of participants from Western Europe and the United States was almost the same as before. 

RUSSIA CALLING! brings together a wide range of political and business stakeholders to address the most pressing issues of the day. However, its goal has always been broader - to initiate dialogue and to shift perceptions as part of a wider discourse on the development and progress of Russia’s economy. 

The Forum provides direct access to decision makers in Russia, who can offer first-hand information to investors. It has become an important resource for influencing investor decisions. During this year’s event, investors showed increasing interest in the development of the Russian economy and investment opportunities in the country. For global investors, the Forum is a vital way of helping them understand Russia’s positive business and economic story. 

Our results 

I think our results are visible through 3 key factors. Firstly, we are a very dynamic team that is read to adapt to any new challenges. Secondly, we have successfully positioned our business the way it is required. In 2008, Andrey Leonidovich Kostin set the International Business the task of making VTB Group’s investment business a recognised and respected brand both in Russia and in international markets. To that end, we began by professionally ensuring that the name of VTB Capital featured on global markets and then set about strengthening its position. We regard this as our first major success and the start of our international recognition. 

With each year we are developing our reputational capital, and, as a result, increasing the value of our intangible assets. 

Finally, our third great achievement is that six and a half years after the Company was founded, the core team of VTB Capital is still working together to develop and expand our business. This is a true testament of loyalty and corporate involvement. 

In 2014 VTB Capital has been recognised at the Corporate & Financial Awards for the Best in-house Corporate and Financial Communications Team. The awards are among the most prestigious honours in the international communications industry. This award is a reflection of company’s continuing achievements in communications and marketing, including its regional development across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA. I am confident that the quality and expertise of our Team will let us continue to successfully implement our communications and marketing strategy in line with the company’s overall development and business goals. 

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