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9 April 2013

The VTB Capital Investment Forum is opening on New York City on Tuesday. During three days, more than 400 representatives of Russian and US government agencies, businessmen and financiers will discuss the possibilities of expanding investment in the Russian economy. The heads of major Russian and Western corporations are to deliver speeches. It is also planned to consider prospects for implementing joint projects in third countries’ markets.

The forum will be held in the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

At the plenary meeting and subsequent panel discussion they are expected to give detailed information about the investment climate in Russia, formed after its recent accession to the WTO. The US investors want to understand the limits of their offers and their projects’ possible implementation in the country.

It is also planned to hold discussions on the prospects of long-term economic development of Russia, doing business in Eurasia, the monetary policy in developing countries, the status and peculiarities of the investment services market in Russia and the United States. The investors will hold individual meetings with the heads of Russia’s leading companies.

New York experts also note the growing interest of financial groups of Russia in the US investment market. In recent years, the volume of Russian investments in the US economy has significantly increased. Russia’s largest banks since the country’s accession to the WTO have sharply stepped up their activities in the international financial market. These factors, in turn, make Russia more attractive for the Western capital.

VTB Capital holds the Investment Forum in New York already for the second time. Last year, it was dedicated to the opening of its branch in the United States.

The company, representing the Russian investment opportunities in the global economic community, conducts operations from its headquarters in Moscow, as well as from branches in New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Vienna and Sofia.

VTB Capital over five years of operation has taken part in more than 400 transactions on the debt capital and joint stock capital markets. These operations have attracted more than 162.7 billion US dollars in investment in the economy of Russia and CIS countries. 

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