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26 November 2011
Interview of Atanas Bostandjiev (Summary)


Economic Digest (HK) interview with Atanas Bostandjiev has been published in this week’s edition of the magazine (in Chinese). It is a four-page story published in the Investment Outlook section, located in the center of the magazine. 
In addition to reporting on Atanas Bostandjiev’s views on the Russian stocks, which offer tremendous investment opportunity for Hong Kong investors, the article reported that VTB Capital has officially established presence in Hong Kong with the launch of an office in the city. The story also reports on the strong equities and debt capital markets activities of VTB Capital over the past three years, which were worth around US$880 billion. VTB Capital is regarded as the biggest investment bank in Russia while its leadership position is recognized by well-known finance newswires including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Dealogic. 
Given that Russia is entering WTO next year, the investment outlook for Russia is positive. It is expected that the GDP of Russia to surge 4% over the next two years from last year’s US$1.48 trillion. Russia has not been affected by the deteriorating European debt crisis. In fact, the country’s economy has been relatively stable because it relies less on export and more on domestic consumption and investments. 
Atanas Bostandjiev, CEO, UK and International of VTB Capital plc, said the majority of the firm’s clients are blue-chip companies. The investment bank plays the important role of bringing Russian companies to Asia through listing on Hong Kong stock exchange or other capital markets activities. Russia is a country rich in natural resources which can definitely satisfy the huge demand from China. Hence, Russian firms have significant growth potential. Atanas Bostandjiev believes that more mining, telecommunications and infrastructure companies are planning to issue local currency bonds in Hong Kong. 
VTB Capital is known for taking part in the IPO of UC Rusal in Hong Kong in 2010. Atanas Bostandjiev and VTB Capital are optimistic about the future performance of Russian firms on the Hong Kong stock exchange. With the opening of a VTB Capital office in Hong Kong, it is much easier for them to promote Russian companies through various means, including periodic distribution of company research, regular visits by the companies’ management teams to explain their businesses and structures, so that Hong Kong investors can be more familiar with these Russian companies. 
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