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VTB Capital announces its 2012 Graduate Recruitment Campaign

20 March 2012

VTB Capital announces its 2012 Graduate Recruitment Campaign. The campaign aims to promote VTB Capital graduate opportunities in Moscow and London and recruit for the Elevate and Fixed Term Analyst (FTA) 2012 Programmes.

Last year VTB Capital successfully launched Graduate programmes in Moscow and London. It received more than 2,500 applications from students all over the world. The recruitment process consisted of on-line testing, interviews with business and human resources representatives and group tasks. It hired approximately 14 Elevate analysts and 45 Fixed Term Analysts across Moscow and London, as part of VTB Capital’s ongoing drive to recruit the best and brightest talent from the global market.

The Fixed Term Analyst Programme is the perfect opportunity for undergraduate students to join VTB Capital and to work with high calibre professionals in developing a long-term career. The Program starts on July 1 for 2 months in London and for up to 12 months in Moscow. It offers an intensive introduction to “Global Banking and Markets” training course, networking events and personal effectiveness workshops. Upon completion of the Fixed Term Analyst Programme, exceptional performers are offered an opportunity to join VTB Capital as first year analyst or as Elevate Programme Analysts.

The ELEVATE programme begins on 1 September 2012 with a training programme in London. The training programme is a comprehensive introduction to VTB Capital, combining induction, professional training, certification and skills development. After the training programme Graduates complete 4 twelve week rotations within Global Markets, Global Banking, and Structuring or Research business areas. Working alongside our experienced professionals, first-year Analysts have the opportunity to develop their banking skills and take an active involvement in the business. The structured programme enables our Graduates to build a base of knowledge to lay a strong foundation for their career.

Natalia Nikiforova, Head of HR at VTB Capital, Russia, said: “The results of the Elevate and FTA Programs far exceeded our expectations. Management teams at VTB Capital business subsidiaries remarked on the innovative assessment approach which allowed us to recruit new talent; the comprehensive training and development curriculum and on-going feed-back; and a range of formal and informal buddy and mentoring programmes to help us to develop and retain our talent. We are sure that our Graduates are provided with all tools and opportunities to support them in their careers. In 2012 we hope to attract more international students in order to foster junior talent for our International offices.”

Entry requirements for Elevate and FTA Programs applicants and other details can be found at the website:

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