VTB Capital held its First Annual VTB Capital Forum: RUSSIA CALLING in London

29 April 2009

VTB Capital team has achieved its objective of developing and maintaining direct, constructive dialogue between portfolio investors and leaders from the Russian business community. Within 3 days in frames of the forum multiple meetings were arranged between Russian companies and investment funds.

Investors were full of praise for the high level of the event. Representatives from the investment funds who attended the meetings were more than satisfied with the first-hand information.

RUSSIA CALLING underlined  the effectiveness of direct dialogue with investors, the necessity of keeping the market informed about corporate strategies and recent news and the need to monitor the overall climate in the investment community (especially given the global financial meltdown).

Within the framework of the forum, VTB Capital also organised lunchtime panel discussions on key economic and political issues pertaining to Russia, as well as the investment climate for Western and local accounts. Prominent government officials from the Russian Ministry of Finance, consultants and businessmen were invited.

There were also panel sessions, which were attended by leading journalists from key international publications. In addition, meetings were arranged so that the media could meet with VTB Capital’s top executives. Among those represented were the Financial Times, FTfm, The Economist, The Guardian, Euromoney, Euroweek, Acquisitions Monthly, Reuters, Bloomberg and Dow Jones. The media community expressed its high interest towards VTB Capital as a leading Russian investment bank with a considerable presence in the UK, continental Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

After VTB Capital forum: RUSSIA CALLING finished, VTB Capital conducted a round table debate on 23 April in association with The Banker (a leading Financial Times publication) on “Financing Russia’s companies: new approaches for new times”. Participants included VTB Capital’s top managers and the top executives from several Russian companies as well as the heads of international investment houses focused on Russia. For more detailed information on the round table, please click here

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